Rachelle Waterman Sentenced to Three Years

Rachelle Waterman has been sentenced to three years. The Craig woman, who was 16 when her mother, Lori Waterman, was kidnapped and murdered, was tried by an Anchorage jury earlier this year and convicted of criminally negligent homicide.

Waterman was sentenced on Friday in her hometown of Craig.

She was acquitted of charges of conspiracy to murder and 1st degree murder.

Lori Waterman was murdered by two of Rachelle Waterman’s boyfriends in 2004.

Prosecutors say the guilty verdict means that Waterman should have known that Jason Arrant and Brian Radel, both 24 at the time, posed a substantial risk to her mother given her interactions with them.

Arrant and Radel are serving long prison sentences. Waterman’s first trial ended in a hung jury.

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