Bikerafting Alaska’s Lost Coast

Late June, 2011, I (Mike Curiak) went on a little trip with Eric Parsons, Dylan Kentch, Doom Fishfinder, and Roman Dial.

We beach biked out of Yakutat and bear trail bumbled along Alaska’s outer coast, then trailless stumbling and ocean paddling brought us into Glacier Bay.

We carried all gear and food from the start, drinking from fresh and glacial streams, cooking in driftwood fires, sleeping just above high tide.

225 miles total.
135 miles riding every sort of beach sediment you can imagine.
65 miles paddling lakes, rivers, streams, ponds, sloughs, oceans, bays, fiords — we used our boats 25 times.
25 miles of mostly stumbling along.

Shot on a Canon 7d with a 28-300 tele zoom, another Canon 7d with an 8-16 ultra wide, and a Contour POV with waterproof case. Oy vey–too much camera gear!