And finally tonight two corrections.

The first one is for a story that aired last week about the invasive tunicate found in Sitka’s Whiting Harbor. That report said Charlie Swanton, director of sport fish for the Alaska Department of Fish & Game, told the Sitka Assembly on August 9th that the presence of the tunicate put a nearby oyster farm out of business. That is incorrect. Responding to a question from the Assembly, Swanton did say he believes the oyster farm is out of business, but he did not say it was as a result of the invasive species in the harbor.

And in a story Tuesday, we reported that The Supreme Court of Alaska had granted a motion by the State of Alaska for ‘emergency review’ of the case of the Pebble Partnership versus the Lake and Peninsula Borough. The Pebble Partnership had requested a review of the case, but the Supreme Court has yet to decide on that issue. However the State did not request an emergency review of the case, instead they requested an emergency review of *their motion to participate in the case as a friend of the court. The Supreme Court did grant that motion.

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