Search for Young Man Missing on Kuskokwim

A man has been missing since Saturday after his boat capsized on the Kuskokwim river near Napakaik. Walter Springer, age 25, is from Bethel. Arrested at the boat and charged with bootlegging and violating terms of release was Michael Treat, age 27, also of Bethel. Peter Atchak, President of Bethel Search and Rescue says teams from Napakiak and Bethel have been tracking on land and dragging the water near where Treat and the boat were found, about a mile upriver of Napakiak. Searchers got a break on Sunday when they found some footprints that they believe could be Springer’s.

Atckak says they don’t know how much survival gear, if any, Springer has with him. Atchak says there’s a good chance that he got wet when the boat capsized.