Congressman Calls for Expanded Investigation into EyakTek, Army Corps of Engineers Scandal

Democratic Massachusetts Congressman, Ed Markey, wants to expand the investigation into the kickback scandal involving the Army Corps of Engineers and Eyak Tek.

Eyak Tek is a subsidiary of Eyak Corporation, the Alaska Native corporation for the Cordova area.

Earlier this month Harold Babb, former contracting director for Eyak Tek and three others, including two employees of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, were charged in a $20 million fraud procurement scheme.

On Friday, Markey requested information from the Department of Defense about the $1.5 billion in contracts given Eyak Corporation and all of its subsidiaries over the last five years.

Markey says he wants to make certain those accused in the Army Corps of Engineers fraud did not carry out similar schemes involving other Pentagon contracts and federal agencies.

Earlier this month Markey sent a similar request to the Department of Homeland Security. It had awarded a 200 million dollar contract to a company created by Eyak Tek and headed by Babb.

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