Anchorage Receives Over 10 Inches of Snow Since Saturday

Anchorage has recorded more than 10 inches of snow since Saturday in a series of short but intense storms. Plows around the city are working hard to keep the roads clear. And cross country skiers are excited to have such good coverage early in the season.

Early November snow is not unusual in Anchorage. And National Weather Service meteorologist Dan Peterson says even the amount isn’t particularly remarkable. But Peterson says the weather pattern right now is just right for snow.

“When we get storms coming in from the southwest up the inlet, we get hit with it. That’s why we’re getting it.”

And Peterson says it’s a pattern that won’t let up anytime soon.

“All the way through next week, on and off, we’ll be getting snow.”

The forecast calls for snow showers tonight, clearing tomorrow and then a chance of snow again on Wednesday.

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