Suicide is Preventable.

Suicide is preventable. While each suicide or attempted suicide can be as unique as the person who experiences it, there are ways to address the multiple social, emotional, environmental and health factors involved. If every one of us learned about suicide, and the risk factors and protective factors involved, we would be better prepared to prevent suicide in our families and communities.

How can Alaskans learn about suicide and how it is prevented?

1. Go to and read through the resources provided there.

2. Go to the Statewide Suicide Prevention Council website and read:

  • Annual Reports tracking suicide and suicide prevention in Alaska since 2002;
  • The 2007 Alaska Follow-Back Study; and
  • Newsletters and periodic updates on research, data, and prevention practices

3. Attend a meeting of the local suicide prevention or wellness coalition.

4. Explore national suicide prevention organizations’ resources:

5. Attend a Council meeting (in person or by telephone).