Houston Man Arrested For Threatening State Trooper

A Houston man has been taken into custody for threatening a state Trooper, among other charges.  Kenneth Champ, 48, who owns Champ Septic Pumping, is also under investigation for dumping raw human sewage into a creek that runs near his property.

In September, state Troopers investigated a complaint by one of Champ’s neighbors that he was dumping raw sewage from  his pumping trucks into a creek.  Trooper,  Matthew Heieren, went to Champ’s property to investigate.  Champ did not allow the Trooper into his trailer.  Champ then called 911 and told the operator he had a gun and was going to shoot the Trooper.  Heieren left the property unharmed.

Later, Troopers and state department of Environmental Conservation staffers went to Champ’s property to collect water samples in the sewage investigation.  Samples were found to contain dangerous levels of fecal coliform.  On a follow up visit, officials searched outbuildings on the property and  discovered  a marijuana growing operation that had 1700 plants.  Troopers also found firearms and more than $18,000 in cash in Champ’s trailer.

Champ was arraigned in Palmer on Thursday for assault of a police officer.  Drug charges and environmental charges have not yet been filed.

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