Taylor Brelsford Talks About Haiti Earthquake Aftermath

Photo by Josh Edge, APRN - Anchorage: Wenson Georges with the Brelsford family.

Two years ago today, an earthquake devastated the country of Haiti and had ripple effects around the world. One of those ripples made it to Alaska, where a family nearly lost their daughter in the disaster. Krista Brelsford was trapped in the rubble and ended up losing her leg. A year ago, her father Taylor, brought the man who helped save Krista’s life to Alaska, hoping that he could get a high school diploma and maybe even continue on to college.

But Winson George ended up getting kicked out of school and eventually left unexpectedly to live with family in New York, in violation of his visa.

APRN’s Lori Townsend sat down with Taylor to talk about the experience.

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