Board of Game Meeting Carries On Amid Rossi Charges

Photo by Ellen Lockyer, KSKA - Anchorage

The charges against Corey Rossi come at a particularly inopportune time for state Department of Fish and Game commissioner Cora Campbell.

But Campbell told reporters on her way into the Board of Game meeting Friday afternoon in Anchorage that the situation will not hamper the meeting.

Campbell said Rossi’s work for the department is appreciated.

Campbell said Rossi was a staunch defender of state management rights, but otherwise did not elaborate on what those contributions were, citing a need to get back to the meeting.

Other comments were not so kind in the wake of the charges against Rossi.   Jim Stratton, Regional Director for Alaska’s division of the National Parks Conservation Association.

In 2010, Rossi’s hiring was protested by a number of Fish and Game biologists, who delivered a letter to the state in 2010 saying that he did not have the scientific background to do the job.  John Toppenberg, Exective Director of the Alaska Wildlife Alliance says he remembers it well.

Toppenberg says the door is now open for changes in Fish and Game management practices. Predator control issues are topping this week’s Board of Game agenda.

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