Judge Orders Stevens Case Report Be Made Public

A report detailing prosecutorial mismanagement during the Ted Stevens case will be made public.

U.S. District Judge Emmet Sullivan ordered today that the 500-page report into the Justice Department’s botched corruption case against Stevens be released March 15.

The special prosecutor who investigated the case, did not recommend criminal charges against any of the federal prosecutors despite finding widespread misconduct, at least some of it intentional.

In 2008, a jury convicted Stevens of lying on financial disclosure documents to hide hundreds of thousands of dollars in home renovations and gifts from wealthy friends. A few days later, Stevens lost re-election to the seat he’d held for 40 years.

Sullivan dismissed the conviction after the Justice Department admitted misconduct in the case, including withholding from the defense evidence favorable to Stevens. He wrote: “The government’s ill-gotten verdict in the case not only cost that public official his bid for re-election, the results of that election tipped the balance of power in the United States Senate.”

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