NPS May Allow Limited Harvest Of Certain Items In Parks

The National Park Service is considering allowing subsistence harvest of plant and animal parts like birch bark and shed antlers.  It’s currently illegal to take such items from most parks.  In response to public requests, the Park Service has produced an environmental assessment on changing the policy. Denali Subsistence Resource Commission chair Ray Collins, of McGrath, says members who attended a meeting on the topic last week supported changing the regulations for qualified federal subsistence users.

Another option being reviewed would require permits to harvest things in the park.  Collins says each park’s subsistence resource commission is weighing in on the issue.  The policy change is being considered for 1980 Alaska National Interest Lands Conservation Act created parks, and additions to parks, like the preserve area of Denali.  The Park Service will select a preferred alternative from the EA, which is out for public review until April 7th.  Subsistence resource Commissions will then vote on the selected alternative.

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