New Online Snow Removal Update

The Municipality of Anchorage (MOA) has launched a new online Snow Removal Update.  The report will be updated daily, and will provide information on where Street Maintenance crews are working.  Due to the extreme weather this winter, it is more important than ever to keep citizens informed.

The Municipality has spent $8.5 million on snow removal this winter.  This is $3 million more than this time last year.  Additional funds have been appropriated from within the Street Maintenance budget to assure that our roads will continue to be plowed and the snow removed.

“Our Street Maintenance crews are working around the clock to haul out neighborhoods and keep roads clear,” Mayor Sullivan said.  “We are having the fourth snowiest winter on record and it is not even March.  The Snow Removal Update is being launched in an effort to let citizens know that we are working hard to clear the roads every day.”

During a plow out the Snow Removal Update will provide citizens with information on which plow plan is being used and when they can expect their neighborhoods to be plowed out.  On days without significant snowfall the report will outline areas that will be hauled that day. It will also show the work that crews have completed overnight.

Find the Snow Removal Update online here.