Shaggy Bear Shaguyik on the Run

Photo courtesy of the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center

A two -year-old Kodiak brown bear has escaped her enclosure at the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center in Portage. Conservation Center spokesman Ethan Tyler  says the female Shaguyik escaped when an electric fence surrounding the bear’s enclosure was turned off for maintenance on Tuesday.

The 300-pound Shaguyik is one of two orphaned Kodiak brown bear cubs housed at the Conservation Center. The bear was last seen in mountains between Placer and Portage valleys. Tyler says the center is working with the Department of Fish and Game to find the blond bear from the air.

He says if Shaguyik is located by officials, she will be darted with a tranquilizer.

Shaguyik was destined to be sent to a Swedish bear exhibit in June.  He says the Swedish facility has been notified of the bear’s escape.

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