Energy Quest USA

Hear inspiring stories from citizens who have made smart energy choices. In Kansas, communities compete for major cash prizes in an energy conservation contest. In Baltimore, Maryland, the Neighborhood Energy Challenge is enabling low-income homeowners to save as much as $1,300 a year through simple measures like weather-stripping and reduced water use. In Alaska, ocean power, low-emissions heating fuel from wood waste and innovative low-temperature geothermal turbines are becoming an important part of the power portfolio. In Fort Worth, Texas, fracking has led to a major economic and employment boom, even as citizens continue to pursue what they call “cowboy sustainability.” And in Portland, Oregon, forward-thinking decisions made decades ago have given rise to a vibrant economy and turned the city into one of the nation’s greenest. Experience a motivating call to action and a significant contribution to the necessary conversation about our nation’s energy future.

  • KAKM: Monday, 4/30 at 8:00pm