Coast Guard Responds To Vessel With Ammonia Leak

The Coast Guard is reporting an ammonia leak on the fishing vessel Alaska Juris. Petty Officer Grant Devuyst says initial reports are that two to five crewmembers are suffering from ammonia exposure, although the extent of injuries isn’t clear at this time.

The Coast Guard has deployed two helicopters and a C-130 aircraft to the scene. Devuyst says the first helicopter is expected to arrive around 5pm Thursday. He adds there’s still not a lot of information.

“We’re still not too certain of exactly what’s going on aboard the vessel, which is why we’re getting assets on scene as soon as possible, so that we can talk with the crew.”

Devuyst says information is spotty in part because the crew is trying to stay out of enclosed areas, including the wheelhouse.

The Alaska Juris is a 238-foot factory trawler operated by the Fishing Company of Alaska. Earlier this year a crew member died aboard the vessel after being struck by a snapped cable.