Alaska News Nightly: May 14, 2012

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Groups Push For Ratification Of Law Of The Sea Treaty

Peter Granitz, APRN – Washington DC

Leaders in Washington D.C. are renewing the push to ratify a 30-year old treaty known as the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea. The treaty’s passage could pave the way for expanded drilling in the Arctic Ocean. There’s an odd assortment of groups pushing for it in the nation’s capital.

Governor Signs Budgets And Bonds

Dave Donaldson, APRN – Juneau

The state’s spending plan for next year has been set as Governor Parnell Monday vetoed very little from the operating and capital projects budgets the legislature approved last month.

Some Federal Unemployment Insurance Payments To End

Casey Kelly, KTOO – Juneau

Some unemployed workers in Alaska are about to lose their unemployment insurance benefits thanks to federal legislation that ties the payments to a state’s unemployment rate.

Marine Toxins Finding New Habitats As Oceans Warm

Johanna Eurich, APRN Contributor

Climate change is transforming the North. As ocean waters warm fish and marine toxins normally seen down south find new habitat.  And that’s having a major impact on the people who gather wild food from the ocean, including Alaska Natives, who eat more wild protein than any other ethnic group in Alaska.  So we’re beginning our week long look at how Natives are responding to warmer lands and waters, by heading to a Cook Inlet beach at low tide.

Redistricting Board Votes To Revise Two Southeast Districts

Ellen Lockyer, KSKA – Anchorage

The state’s Redistricting Board made short work of its agenda Monday in Anchorage, voting unanimously to revise two Southeast Senate districts as ordered by the Alaska Supreme Court.

New Management Style Allows Health Organization To Improve Care

Annie Feidt, APRN – Anchorage

A Native health care organization in Anchorage is transforming the way it does business with the Toyota management system.  Chugachmiut delivers health care and social services to seven Alaska Native villages around Prince William Sound. Executive director Patrick Anderson says the Toyota Lean management style has helped the organization free up resources to spend on improving care.

This interview is part of a reporting partnership that includes APRN, NPR and Kaiser Health News.

Communities Walk For Suicide Prevention

Len Anderson, APRN Contributor

Despite years of effort and millions of dollars in state campaigns, Alaska’s suicide rate remains at nearly double the nation’s average. On Saturday communities across the state participated in suicide prevention walks and gatherings.