Four Japanese Climbers Assumed Dead After Denali Avalanche

Searchers have concluded that the four climbers presumed dead in an avalanche on Mount McKinley are in a crevasse, and will not attempt to recover their bodies. One climber who was roped to the others survived, and was able to climb out of the crevasse. The four missing climbers include Mr. Yoshiaki Kato, 64; Ms. Masako Suda, 50; Ms. Michiko Suzuki, 56; and Mr. Tamao Suzuki, 63. All are from Miyagi Prefecture, Japan.

The avalanche took place early Wednesday morning on a section of the mountain where climbers had been pinned down by weather for several days. The survivor is identified as Hitoshi Ogi, 69. All were members of the Miyagi Workers Alpine Federation.