Heartbeat Alaska

The award-winning program Heartbeat Alaska travels the state of Alaska, deep into rural towns and small villages. Creator Jeanie Greene has dedicated her life to spotlighting the Native people and communities of Alaska, sharing their heritage, their joys and struggles.

This week Heartbeat AK travels across Alaska to visit trails that were once used by Alaska Natives for cross country travel on foot, but are being destroyed by four and three wheeler recreational vehicles. The U.S. government is working to protect the land from destruction through the laying down of unique tracks and by encouraging new plant growth in areas already affected.

  • TV: Trails – Thursday, 7/05 at 11 pm
  • TV: Tanacross Potlatch – Thursday, 7/12 at 11 pm
  • TV: A New Era – Thursday, 7/19 at 11 pm
  • TV: Fort Yukon – Thursday, 7/26 at 11 pm