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1on1: Rabah Chettfour

July 13, 2012

A family man and restaurant owner, he believes in doing the right thing, and treating others with kindness, no matter who they are…and he is always working to pass that onto his children. Be sure to tune into 1on1 with Rabah Chettfour.

Meet the heart and soul of today’s Alaska. They are colorful. They are adventuresome. They are inspiring. Find out why they came here and why they stayed. Their answers might surprise you. Every week on 1on1.

This week: Restauranteur and local Muslim leader

  • TV: Rabah Chettfour – Wednesday, 7/18 at 11 pm
  • TV: Jeanne Devon – Wednesday, 7/25 at 11 pm
  • TV: Ben Woodland – Wednesday, 8/01 at 11 pm

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