RUNNING: Monday, August 20

Host Michael Carey moderates a discussion with the candidates running for legislature in the Alaska Primary Election on August 28, 2012. Panelists include Daysha Eaton and Jill Burke.

Tune in on KSKA FM 91.1 or Alaska Public Television. Times listed below are approximate.

7:00 PM House 6

Eric Feige [R], George Rauscher* [R], Jamey Duhamel [D]

7:05 PM Senate D, House 7, House 8

Willow, Houston, Palmer
Senate D: Mike Dunleavy [R], Linda Menard [R]
House 7: Wes Keller [R], Roger Purcell [R]
House 8:   Daniel Hamm* [R], Shelley Hughes [R]

8:10 PM Senate E, House 9, House 10

Greater Wasilla, Big Lake, Point McKenzie
Senate E: Charles Huggins [R], Susan Herman [D]
House 9: Mark Ewing [R], Lynn Gattis [R], Blake Merrifield [D]
House 10: Mark Neuman* [R], Pam Rahn [D]

*Candidate did not appear for taping.

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