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Massive Drug Bust Spans Several States

August 31, 2012

Thursday there was a massive cocaine bust that spanned several states as well as Anchorage and Fairbanks.  Five people were arrested in raids of homes in Anchorage.  Eleven people were indicted, including two arrested in Rochester, New York and one arrested in a suburb of Atlanta, Georgia.  Two suspects remain at large in the Fairbanks area.  Several of those arrested are members of a rap group known as ‘UNDB,” or “Up North D Boys.”  They are accused of conspiring to bring over 50 kilograms of powder cocaine into Alaska between 2009 and 2012, along with marijuana and oxycodone pills.

Antonio Fleming, 33, was a member of the rap group, and owned one of Anchorage houses.  Three other members of “UNDB” were also arrested in Anchorage – Daylon Johnson, 35, Rock Phelps, 26, and Jeraelyn Hill, 24.  Other members of the group were arrested elsewhere – Terrence Fleming, 32, in Georgia, Demar Moultrie, 24, and Tavoris Carter, 26,  in New York.   Yet another member, Donnell Johnson, 30, was arrested last January in Fairbanks.  Others named in the indictments were Emma Shine, 24, of Anchorage, and two men still being sought in Fairbanks – Jerry Wormley, junior, 34, and Brent Gunnels, 31.  Authorities are seeking forfeiture of a house, jewelry, a firearm, an unspecified amount of cash, and 10 vehicles.

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