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Anchorage Police Prepare For Budget Cuts

By | September 13, 2012

Anchorage mayor Dan Sullivan is asking for budget cuts and one of the departments being targeted is the Anchorage Police department. The mayor says the city is facing a $30 million shortfall for next year’s budget.

Derek Hsieh is president of the officer’s union. He says APD’s budget is $80 million and the mayor is proposing a 10 percent cut, or $8 million. The chief of police will make recommendations for where to find those savings, but Hsieh says there isn’t much room for trimming.

Derek Hsieh is president of the police officer’s union. He says the State Troopers have already started recruiting Anchorage police officers to fill 40 open positions.

Anchorage Mayor Dan Sullivan says he wants to balance budget cutting with maintaining appropriate staff levels for all Municipal departments. But if other efficiencies can’t be found he says, reductions in the police force will have to happen.

The mayor will present his final budget plan to the Anchorage Assembly on Oct. 1.

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