Suspect of Shooting North of Kiana Arrested

Alaska State Troopers say the suspect in a shooting of two brothers north of Kiana has been arrested and identified as a Kiana actor who went missing earlier this month after the death of his 74-year-old mother.

Troopers say 45-year-old Teddy Kyle Smith was taken into custody Thursday afternoon when he surrendered to authorities at the Squirrel River 16 miles upriver from Kiana.

He is charged with attempted murder, theft, robbery and weapons misconduct in connection with the Tuesday night shooting of 46-year-old Paul Buckel of Kotzebue and 47-year-old Charles Buckel of Fostoria, Michigan, at a remote cabin.

Troopers say the brothers are recovering.

The brothers had stopped at the cabin, found the other man already staying there and were shot after an altercation.

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