Doc Martin: The Portwenn Effect

The Doc turns down Louisa’s invitation to the Portwenn Player’s dance but Mark Mylow eagerly accepts hoping to start a relationship with her. He is, however, inexperienced with women and seeks reassurance and advice from the Doc, telling him that Louisa is the woman of his dreams. Meanwhile, Louisa is having problems with one of her pupils, Peter Cronk who is extremely bright but finds it hard to fit in. When Peter is wrongly blamed when some bird tables are damaged during a school visit, he decides to run away from home. The Doc reluctantly makes a house call to Stewart, the local ranger, who appears rational but is actually delusional. When Martin refuses to prescribe Stewart’s usual medication he forces Martin to share a meal with him and an imaginary red squirrel called Anthony. Martin decides to have Stewart sectioned. At the dance, Mark demonstrates remarkable dancing skills; he decides that Louisa is not the girl for him after all, but when he tries to talk to Louisa, the Doc misinterprets what he sees. Meanwhile, Stewart has come into Portwenn and runs amok destroying bird tables which he believes encourage grey squirrels, the enemies of his friend Anthony. The next day Martin and PC Mylow go to visit Stewart, but the Doc changes his mind about sectioning him. On the way back to Portwenn, they see Peter Cronk and take him back to the school. While Peter is waiting for his mother to collect him, the Doc and Peter find that they have things in common and make friends.

  • TV: Saturday, 10/13 at 7:00pm