Obama Raises More Alaska Money than Romney

Few people doubt Alaska will cast its three electoral votes for Republican Mitt Romney. But, President Barack Obama is out raising the former Massachusetts Governor in the state.

Alaska has not supported a Democratic candidate in the presidential race since Lyndon Johnson’s landslide reelection in 1964. So it may come as a surprise that Mr. Obama has hundreds more donors in the state than Mr. Romney does – 575 to 392.

And he’s out raising his challenger by dollar amount, too.

Shelia Krumholz is the executive director of the Center for Responsive Politics.  She says as of October First, Mr. Obama had raised $434,000 in Alaska. That’s $150,000 more than Mr. Romney.

Mr. Obama actually raised the most in Alaska in 2008, so this cycle, is a continuation of the trend. Krumholz says this time around, Mr. Obama has almost raised more than all Republican primary candidates combined.

“Roughly 50 percent of all money going to presidential candidates, including the wide field running in the GOP primary, roughly percent of all that went to Obama,” Krumholz said.

The third largest recipient in Alaska? Texas Congressman Ron Paul. He took in nearly $100,000 this presidential campaign. Krumholz says the Republican primary could have siphoned off some would-be donations to Mr. Romney.

“The Ron Paul donations, if they were to go to any other GOP candidate, and that’s a big if, would have gone to Romney rather than Obama,” Krumholz said.

Overall, the Center for Responsive Politics tallied $893,000 raised for the presidential election in Alaska. That ranks 48th among states and the District of Columbia.