Opening Arguments Begin In Hoonah Murder Trial

Opening arguments are planned for Wednesday morning in the state’s case against John N. Marvin, Jr.

The 47-year old Marvin is accused of killing Hoonah police officers Matt Tokuoka and Tony Wallace in August 2010.

Thirty-six people were interviewed as potential jurors on Monday and another 54 were interviewed Tuesday. The Juneau trial court system originally called 255 people in for jury service on Monday.

Of those interviewed, some were disqualified because they either exhibited a bias or they did not have a solid understanding of the court proceedings. Potential jurors were asked about what they remembered about the case. Each person was quizzed individually – away from the rest of the potential jury pool – so that each potential juror would not be influenced by other recollections of the event.

A group voir dire of potential jurors is planned for this morning before jurors take an oath and are seated.

In addition to opening arguments, Superior Court Judge David George is expected to consider a defense motion for a change of venue.