Doc Martin: Haemophobia

A former student of Martin’s asks him to recommend him for a senior surgical post but Martin refuses. A caller to Portwenn Radio makes reference to the Doc’s haemophobia and it becomes a subject of discussion which infuriates Martin. Bert and some of the villagers play a trick on the Doc who blames Roger Fenn for revealing his secret. Louisa insists that Peter Cronk takes part in a PE lesson despite his objections. Another child causes Peter to fall and he injures himself. Louisa calls the Doc in, but he is in a bad mood and is even more rude and abrupt than usual and argues with Louisa who points out his similarities to Peter. During the night, Peter becomes ill and Mrs Cronk contacts Louisa who calls Martin out. Martin suspects that Peter is seriously ill and requires surgery and he Louisa travel with Peter in the ambulance to Truro. During the journey, Peter’s condition deteriorates and the Doc is forced to operate to save his life. On the journey back to Portwenn, Louisa reveals her feelings for the Doc, and although he responds, it is not quite the reaction she had hoped for.

  • TV: Saturday, 10/27 at 7:00pm