Introducing Video Glimpses

By Cassandra Stalzer

Stories are powerful. And Alaskans have some great stories to tell.

Here at Rasmuson Foundation, we look for stories that build awareness about the tremendous value the nonprofit sector provides to each and every one of us.

Several years ago, the Foundation launched an initiative that combined two of its interests, artists and nonprofits. The idea was simple, elegant, yet impactful: literary artists would share stories to evoke the work of the nonprofit sector in a way that was personal to them. Those stories, all 45 of them, are prominently featured on the website in a section titled “Glimpses of Who We Are.”

Today we launch the next generation of those Glimpses, this time, with a nod to advances made in networking speed and connectivity, working with media artists to tell stories in a digital domain. Over the next six weeks, we will debut a new video story each week.

The first, “Little Mikey” by Pat Race, kicks off the series. Other artists we will feature include Bob Curtis Johnson, Brian George Smith, Ellen Frankenstein and Andrew MacLean.

Please share these stories and spread their message. And let us know what you think.