Video: Bean’s Cafe Makes a Difference

In this video, Bean’s Café’s Head Monitor and former client, Grady LeBlanc, shares his perspective on how Bean’s Café has impacted his life, and how it serves Anchorage’s homeless and needy population with hot meals and a safe place to stay.

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Incorporated in February 1979, Bean’s Café is a standalone, non-sectarian, 501(c)(3) non-profit agency. We are a community based and supported program. Since 1979, we have maintained a center where the hungry and homeless are provided with hot nutritious meals, a warm and safe day shelter, information and referral assistance to health and human service programs. We target the poorest people in our community, the street people, the homeless, the chronically mentally ill, and the needy elderly. We also serve families in temporary crisis, the seasonally unemployed, and assist various local agencies in the feeding of children. Bean’s Cafe exists to provide the most basic of human needs without discrimination or cost to anyone requesting assistance.