Congress Recesses Until After Christmas

Congress is recessing until after Christmas without an agreement on staving off the fiscal cliff.

Senator Mark Begich is not optimistic.

Late Thursday night Speaker John Boehner canceled a vote on his alternative to President Barack Obama’s plan to prevent tax increases and spending cuts January second. That proposal, called Plan B, would have raised taxes on people making more than one million dollars per year.

Speaker Boehner learned he does not have the support of his own Republican party in the House, so any plan will require Democratic votes and a number of willing Republicans.

A visibly frustrated Senator Mark Begich says that’s a steep hill to climb.

Begich: “I give it a 30 percent chance that we can get something done before the year is out.”

Granitz: “30 percent?”

Begich: “That’s the best.”

Senator Begich says he wants the House to take up a Senate-passed measure that would prevent taxes from increasing on households making less than $250,000 per year. That bill does nothing to prevent the spending cuts.

Earlier this evening, President Obama said he’s optimistic a smaller, frame work deal can be reached after the Christmas holiday.

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