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Hoonah Man's Sentencing Delayed Until April

By | January 8, 2013

John Marvin Junior's sentencing has been moved to early April.

The Hoonah man, convicted last November of killing two police officers, was to be sentenced Feb. 1. A presentence report was due late last month, but it hasn't even been drafted yet.

Sitka Superior Court Judge David George acknowledged Tuesday that he made a verbal request of the Probation Department for a report on Marvin. But a written order was never issued.

It normally takes at least 60 days to draft such a report.

Meanwhile, Judge George says he's preparing to issue a decision on a motion for a new trial. Marvin's defense attorney wants a trial to determine whether Sergeant Anthony Wallace was actually in the performance of his official duties during the August 2010 shooting. Wallace was in uniform and on patrol in a department vehicle while Matthew Tokuoka was off-duty and not in uniform.

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