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JBER Restricts Alcohol In Barracks; Mat-Su Creamery Closes Down

By | January 25, 2013

The Board of Fisheries adopted a new salmon management plan for the Kuskokwim last week.  About 24 fishermen were cited last year near Dillingham; what’s happening in those cases? Is there any word from the congressional delegation about when relief funds may be put forward in legislation? How are families faring without the salmon they could not harvest last fall and without money for store purchases? The Anchorage school district superintendent says the district is about $25 million short and he is cutting more than 200 positions. What is happening with the MV Susitna? What are the prices currently for heating fuel in the Bethel area and surrounding villages? JBER recently restricted alcohol for army personnel. The Mat Su Creamery has been closed down. The Inlet Inn in downtown Anchorage will close its doors on February 1. Development of coal reserves in the Mat Su is ramping up and it has divided residents. Good jobs are always in short supply in rural Alaska but there are some projects underway in your region that are providing construction jobs.

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HOST: Lori Townsend, APRN


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