Recognizing National Mom and Pop Business Owners Day

Almost every single day, week, and month of the year has a special event of some kind attached to it. March holds many holidays, like Easter and St. Patricks Day, gives focus to awareness days like World Down Syndrome Day and International Women’s Day.


There’s also no shortage of observational days, like World Water Day or World Sleep Day and so on. Without even mentioning food holidays there are so many, in fact, that quite a few get lost in the shuffle. However, just because certain event’s haven’t had the time to hit your radar doesn’t mean that they don’t deserve such highlight.

This week Macaroni Kid Anchorage highlights National Mom and Pop Business Owner’s Day. This observation day celebrates those individuals who spent hours cultivating services or products that Alaskan residents depend on. Hard working folks whose customer support is paramount to their success. Today, I celebrate National Mom and Pop Business Owner’s Day by showcasing a local business, The Fafafel King.


Chances are you have passed the Falafel King located at 930 Gambell Street. There are many reasons why you may have missed it. Perhaps it’s the location on a busy street in Fairview, or the small parking lot that might have been full. I, myself, have driven past the Fafafel King many times hesitating to try it before I finally I stopped in. It’s a unassuming sort of place, small and not the most lovely looking building but don’t judge a book by it’s cover.

Fafafel King is owned by friendly Israeli couple, Avi and Sima Avraham who have been serving Alaskan’s and visitor’s alike Middle Eastern food since early 2007. Inside Falafel King a tiny but tidy interior awaits to serve you kosher falafel, shawarma and schnitzel with homemade pita bread and tahini sauce.

When I arrived I immediately noticed the decor as I looked for a highchair. Family photos of the Avraham’s grandchildren are intermixed with hand written notes from other childern on the walls. Although a highchair was nowhere in site, Avi immediately became attentive to my toddler, working to prepare him a pita filled with hummus before tackling my shawarma platter. On this day, I took my order to go and left with a warm greeting “see you again” as if I were an old regular or friend.


I have dined in and out and sampled most of the menu. Each time I have gotten delicious and satisfying portions of food and freindly customer service. The handmade fafafel is always crispy and light outside, fresh and flavorful on the inside. Although I am no expert on what authentic shawarma should taste like, the shawarma I have gotten has always been a solid blend of marinated chicken and steak in halaal spices, tahini, hummus, tomatoes, lettuce, onions and pickles.

If you crave a little bit more spice you can always add some or grab some to go off the relish bar by the door. Don’t forget to save room for baklava (also homemade). Celebrate National Mom and Pop business day by showing your support and shopping at Falafel King or any other Mom and Pop business in Anchorage.

Important Tip-Bring cash-no credit cards are accepted here.