Alaska News Nightly: April 4, 2013

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Protesters Rally Against The Governors Oil Tax Plan

As protests against legislation overhauling the state’s oil tax structure were held across the state today, the bill continues to evolve inside the Capitol building. The latest version would lower taxes even more than the last one.

Tenure Bill Passes The Alaska House

The Alaska House passed legislation that would change the tenure system for urban teachers, extending their probationary period from three years to five.

‘A Call To Action’ On Planning Arctic Development

Dozens of federal, state and local agencies have a say on how development happens in arctic Alaska. A report released today (Thursday) makes the case for doing a better job coordinating the work those agencies are doing as big decisions are made on important arctic issues.

Outside Group Targets Begich On Immigration

The group Numbers USA aims to “educate voters” in states with senators who could play a pivotal role in the coming immigration debate. The group started airing an ad throughout Alaska this week that asks actors who “thinks Senator Mark Begich’s plan to bring in foreign workers to take American jobs is a good idea?”

Officials Reviewing Anchorage Election, Write-In Campaign Hopeful

The election commission has started reviewing question ballots from Tuesday’s municipal election in Anchorage. But they won’t be counting absentees until next week. KSKA’S Daysha Eaton has the story.

Sitka Sac Roe Closes As Co-Op Yields 250 Tons

The Sitka Sound sac roe herring season is over. The Alaska Department of Fish & Game announced the closure Thursday morning.

Bethel Assembly Considers New Decency Laws

Lawmakers in Bethel are considering reshaping public decency laws within rural city’s limits.

Small Cruise Lines Grow In Southeast

A Seattle-based tour company is adding another vessel to its Alaska routes. Un-Cruise Adventures is one of several small-ship lines increasing capacity in what appears to be a growing market.

First Geese

It’s the classic symbol of spring in the interior. The first of thousands of migrating Canada Geese that stopover in Fairbanks on their way to summer nesting grounds in the arctic, were spotted at the Creamers Field Migratory Waterfowl Refuge yesterday (Wednesday).