Alaska News Nightly: April 8, 2013

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APD Alleges Man Pointed Gun Before Second Deadly Shooting Of 2013

Anchorage Police Department officials say the man shot and killed by officers in a downtown supermarket parking lot Friday night had a semi-automatic handgun. The man was identified as Detlef Wulf, a 27 year old with a long criminal record. KSKA’s Daysha Eaton has the story.

State Vehicles Block Abortion Protesters In Front Of The Capitol Building

Protesters with the anti-abortion Center for Bioethical Reform held up large signs across from the state capitol building in Juneau this week, depicting graphic images of aborted fetuses.

Judge Tosses Stevens’ Prosecutors’ Suspensions

An administrative judge reversed the suspensions of two prosecutors in the botched corruption case against former Senator Ted Stevens.

Audit Deems KABATA Project “Unreasonably Optimistic”

An audit of the Knik Arm bridge finds that the agency handling the project has “overstated” its traffic forecasts. Government auditors expect substantially less toll revenue as a result, leaving the state at risk of having to make up the shortfall.

Legislature Votes Vince Webster Off The Board Of Fisheries

A joint House and Senate vote today (Monday) approved almost all of Governor Parnell’s appointments to various state boards and commissions, all but one. Vince Webster, Parnell’s choice for re-appointment for a third three year term on the state Board of Fisheries, was turned down by a one- vote margin.

Legislature Considers Bill On Derelict Vessels

A bill that would give cities and boroughs in Alaska the ability to deal with derelict and abandoned vessels is on the move in Juneau. On Friday House Bill 131 received a unanimous vote in the Alaska House.

Court Decision Has Big Implications For Tribal Lands

A D.C. district court decision quietly released on Easter Sunday, has huge implications for Alaska tribal and state lands jurisdiction. The court found the Secretary of Interior has the authority to take land into trust for Alaska tribes.

Snow Totals Downgraded For Latest Storm

The National Weather Service is downgrading it’s forecasted snow amounts for the latest April storm to hit the Anchorage area.

From ‘Bring It On’ To ‘I Can’t Take It Anymore,’ Anchorage Residents React To Snow

Just a few short days ago, spring looked pretty promising in Anchorage with forty degree weather, sunshine and snow melting. But with a foot of new snow on the ground and another significant snow dump underway, April is looking more like mid-winter.

Technology Is Changing How Food Is Gathered In Rural Alaska

Modern technology, like snow machines, boats, and cell phones have changed how Alaskans gather their food – both in urban and rural areas.