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Think, Work & Play at Anchorage Community Works

By | May 24, 2013

The warehouse that will house Anchorage Community Works in the Ship Creek area.

The warehouse that will house Anchorage Community Works in the Ship Creek area.

Anchorage Community Works is a concert venue, art studio, shared classroom and collaborative workspace that is opening in Anchorage this summer. With a mission to provide a community center for local creatives and small business owners, “The Works” will connect and collaborate with locals who care about art, music, culture, learning, politics, and health.

With many shared spaces for collaborative learning and working, The Works will be a hub for artists, designers, programmers, small business owners, musicians, filmmakers and more. Local individuals and businesses looking for a place to call home with like-minded people are encouraged to learn more and connect with The Works today.

The proposed floor plan for the space.

The proposed floor plan for the space.

Anchorage Community Works will open for members this June and is currently planning its grand opening event for July. The space will host regular public events showcasing local art, music and education.

The physical location for The Works is at a warehouse at 349 E Ship Creek Ave. In order to create a space for people to learn, work and play together, the group is working hard to renovate and remodel the warehouse.

In order to support the remodel, Anchorage Community Works has launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise $10,000 by June 8th. Learn more about Anchorage Community Works and the Kickstarter here.

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A place for Anchorage creatives to think, work and



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