2013 Sadler’s Alaska Challenge Mini-Doc

The Sadler’s Alaska Challenge is the toughest and longest Handcycle race in the world. The 7 stage race was held in Alaska, July 15-21.

Stage 1- Anchorage Time Trial. Racers began at Lake Hood and finished in Kincaid Park. Racers covered 9.1 miles.

Stage 3- Nenana to Milepost 264. Racers covered 50 miles.

Stage 4- Denali National Park Time Trial. Racers covered 10.9 miles.

Stage 5- Cantwell to Milepost 183. Racers covered 28.2 miles.

Stage 7- Sutton to Independence Mine via Hatcher Pass. Racers covered 30 miles and faced a change in elevation of 3,500 feet from start to finish.

Produced by:
Mikey Auza
Mario Davis
Robert Stormo

Texas by Magic Man