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Construction Starts on New Mountain Bike Trails at Kincaid Park

By | August 7, 2013

Volunteers ready to make new trails.

Volunteers ready to make new trails.

Monday night marked the first of many volunteer work sessions that will finish six new miles of single-track mountain bike trails at Kincaid Park in Anchorage. The Kincaid North Singletrack Trails will compliment the existing 9 miles of trails at Kincaid Park.

Alaska Trails Tool Trailer

Alaska Trails Tool Trailer

The Singletrack Advocates is the dynamic group behind these popular trails. They have hired Ptarmigan PTrails to do the initial trail building, which accounts to roughly 80% of the project. The remaining 20% will be done by volunteers. The volunteers will be using tools from the Alaska Trails tool trailer.

The Single Track Advocates know how to turn out volunteers. “We have had work sessions in the past with over 50 volunteers,” said STA President Janice Tower, “Volunteer organizations such as STA could not construct trails without the use of the Alaska Trails tool trailer.”

 Volunteers from the Singletrack Advocates shaping a turn on the new trails at Kincaid Park.

Volunteers from the Singletrack Advocates shaping a turn on the new trails at Kincaid Park.

The Single Track Advocates and Alaska Trails have partnered for years on the trails at Kincaid and the Anchorage Hillside. The tool trailer enables groups like this to harness dozens, if not scores, of volunteers at one time. This not only saves money, but it also gives bikers and other trail users a sense of stewardship on “their” trail. Volunteers who come to build one year, will return in later years to help maintain trails. Some volunteers have purchased their own trail maintenance equipment so they can take care of trails any time.

Volunteer trail building sessions will be held every Monday and Wednesday evening through the fall until the trail is completed.

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About Alaska Trails

Alaska Trails, a statewide non-profit dedicated to building and maintaining sustainable trails in Alaska, donated tools for the trailhead restoration. AlaskaTrails typically charges a rental fee for the tools, but provided them free of charge for this important volunteer project.


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