Soggy Anchorage Matches Rain Record

If you feel like it’s been raining a lot in Anchorage, you’re right. According to the National Weather Service, we’ve matched a record that’s nearly a hundred years old.

Forecaster Dave Snider, with the National Weather Service, said rain is normal this time of year, but no break in the rainfall is unusual.

“Today [Friday] is the 18th consecutive day of measurable rain since August the 27th,” he said. “So that ties the record that was set back in 1919. It’s been a long time since it’s rained this much for this long.”

Measurable rainfall is considered anything more than a trace of precipitation. It’s measured at the forecast office just South of the airport. There has been some minor flooding around the city because of all the rain, but nothing big. Snider said most Anchorage records for rain are set in August and September.

There’s a 20 percent chance of showers Friday night and early Saturday. If it rains enough, Snider said it’s possible we could break the record for consecutive days of rainfall.

The monthly September rain total is nowhere near the record of 7.35 inches, which was set in September 2004. So far we’ve only had 3.79 inches of rain this September. Sunday is supposed to finally be sunny in Anchorage, but more rain is expected next week.

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