Five Arrested in Undercover Drug Sting

Five people are facing felony drug charges after being arrested Tuesday.

Unalaska police say they’ve been conducting an undercover investigation for the past four months, which allegedly revealed sales of black tar heroin and crystal meth in town.

Beginning around noon Tuesday, police arrested Michael Hindman, 24, Jana Lekanoff, 25, Daylen Luff, 29, Eric Roach, 45, and Zane Zueger, 25. Roach was arrested for allegedly selling meth, and the others are accused of selling heroin, or possessing it with the intent to sell.

Additional charges are expected against the five. Police anticipate at least one more arrest.

When asked about the connection among the five people, public safety director Jamie Sunderland says he would not characterize it as a drug ring.

A sample of the black tar heroin Unalaska police seized Tuesday. Photo by Ben Matheson, KUCB - Unalaska.
A sample of the black tar heroin Unalaska police seized Tuesday. Photo by Ben Matheson, KUCB – Unalaska.

“I wouldn’t define it as that, I think they all knew each other they certainly were involved with this stuff. Was it a highly organized thing?  Undetermined is probably a better way to put it,” said Sunderland.

Sunderland says a confidential informant helped bring the case together. The man worked undercover, buying heroin three times and meth twice. He frequently wore a recording device.

According to court documents, the alleged drug deals happened in grocery store parking lots, and in the bathroom of the Harbor View Bar.

Sunderland says officers spent the early part of the week conducting searches on 11 warrants. They gathered a staggering amount of evidence.

“There’s some distinctive clues left behind when these things happen. There was quite a bit of that, in many locations, in cars, houses, anywhere these folks went they left a trail of drug paraphernalia,” said Sunderland.

Sunderland says police seized at least 10 very small baggies of heroin. They also seized cell phones and a computer, which may yield information about the original supplier of the drugs.

In the meantime, all five individuals are still being held in custody. They made their first court appearance Wednesday morning.

Jana Lekanoff’s mother, Linda, was allowed to speak about her daughter before the court. Linda Lekanoff described Jana as a high achiever, and said she’s beloved by her family.

Zane Zueger’s mother, Debbie, also spoke in defense of her child.  She said she hopes the situation will serve as a wake-up call to the people facing charges.

The magistrate has not yet set the financial terms of bail. Further hearings are set for next Wednesday to appoint defense attorneys. A pre-indictment hearing is scheduled for next Thursday, October 3rd at 10 a.m.