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Great Alaska ShakeOut Promotes Earthquake Preparedness

By | October 17, 2013

Nearly 50,000 Alaskans registered for an earthquake preparedness event today called the Great Alaskan ShakeOut.

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The state’s spokesman for the division of Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness, Jeremy Zidek says it’s good that a large number of Alaskans registered to practice the drill.

ShakeOut_Alaska_2013_Poster“The recommended action is to drop down to the ground, find some sturdy cover and hold on to that cover so you don’t bounce away or the cover doesn’t bounce away,” Zidek said.

People who signed up were instructed to practice the drill at exactly 10:17 this morning. Sort of like a flash mob for disaster preparedness, millions of people registered for similar events today across the world.

Zidek says because Alaska has experienced three of the six largest earthquakes ever recorded, it’s good for Alaskans to be ready for the next major event.

He says another shakeout drill is scheduled for the 50th anniversary of the 9.2 Good Friday earthquake that shook for nearly five minutes on March 27, 1964.

“Often when we talk to 1964 earthquake survivors, it’s a real changing point in their lives,” Zidek said. “We’re very susceptible to earthquakes here, it’s good for people to prepare and know what to do when they hit.”

Zidek says developing a family plan for how to handle a seismic disaster and the aftermath is important.

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