ML&P Power Outage Impacts Downtown

The power has been out in parts Downtown Anchorage much of the day.

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Melissa Wolf, a spokesperson for Municipal Light and Power, says the outage started around three in the morning and crews have been working all day to fix it, but they haven’t pinpointed the cause.

Downtown Anchorage. Photo courtesy of ML&P.
Downtown Anchorage. Photo courtesy of ML&P.

“Some people did receive power and then it went out and it’s because of the trouble shooting that we’re doing to find the cause. One of the problems was a transformer needed to be replaced on top of the JCPenny’s Garage. And it wasn’t the cause but we did need to fix that to go forward with the repairs. And right now we don’t have and estimate on when the power will be restored,” Wolf said.

The outage is affecting ML&P customers between A and F Streets and 5th and 8th Avenues. It’s impacting commercial and residential customers.

Wolf says there is concern about the power being out much longer because temperatures are so cold.

The Anchorage Police Department has been notified as well as the Anchorage Fire Department. Though Wolf says many of the commercial buildings do have generators.

Temperatures are expected to be between 10 and 15 degrees overnight.

Wolf says customers without power, who have not reported it, should call ML&P.

Updates will be posted on their Facebook and Twitter accounts.