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Storms Appear To Subside In Western Alaska

By | November 15, 2013

The worst appears to be over for coastal villages in Western Alaska.

State Emergency incident Commander Mark Roberts says a return to a more normal weather pattern with clear, cold conditions is forecast.

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“The rough weather that started November 5th with the first storm in a series of five storms that came through even yesterday which was in fact part of that storm, that last storm resulted in the power outages there from ice in Fairbanks area, that series of storms has completed and at least for the next five to seven days, it’s looking like clear sailing,” Roberts said.

Roberts says Kotlik, Stebbins, Scammon Bay, Tununak and Shishmaref have all declared local disasters. He says 18 communities have reported impacts. Roberts says there have been no reports of injuries or anyone missing. He attributes that to good planning by communities before the storms started.

Kotlik and Unalakleet are still working to get their water systems restored. Roberts says Kotlik has a week’s worth of drinking water in their storage tank. And Unalakleet has a temporary water collection system above ground.



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