F/V Alaska Juris Crew Member Medevacked After Stabbing

A fight on the F/V Alaska Juris landed one crew member in the hospital with knife wounds, and another three behind bars.

According to preliminary police reports, 47-year-old Wayland Smith and his coworker had a disagreement aboard the Alaska Juris on Thursday night. The 238-foot catcher-processer was anchored in Captains Bay to offload seafood to a tramper.

alaska-jurisPublic safety director Jamie Sunderland says the two men took their fight up to the ship’s deck. It escalated from there.

“Smith is alleged to have stabbed a fellow in the arm, abdomen, and buttocks,” Sunderland says.

Police were called to the Alaska Juris around 9:30 p.m. They responded using the ports department’s Tidebreaker boat.

While officers were trying to arrest Smith, several other crew members rushed at the man — allegedly with the intent to injure him. Taylor Toelupe, 37, and 23-year-old Meafou Touala were subsequently arrested and charged with rioting, assault, and resisting arrest.

Smith was taken into custody. He’s facing charges of first degree assault and tampering with evidence, for allegedly tossing the knife overboard. Smith made a first appearance in court on those charges Friday afternoon. He had a black eye, and one of his wrists was bandaged.

Smith’s bail was set at $100,000 cash bond. Sunderland says that reflects the severity of the charges.

“We’re talking about a danger to others,” Sunderland says. “We don’t see $100,000 bail here that often.”

The stabbing victim was medevacked off the island for medical care. Anchorage police have visited the man in the hospital to question him regarding the fight.