Assembly Passes Budget: Library Funded, Bus Fares to Go Up

The Anchorage Assembly passed a $467 million municipal budget for 2014 Tuesday evening. It’s about half a million dollars more than the one proposed by Mayor Dan Sullivan.

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An Anchorage Assembly meeting in December 2012. Photo by Daysha Eaton, KSKA - Anchorage
An Anchorage Assembly meeting in December 2012. Photo by Daysha Eaton, KSKA – Anchorage

Anchorage libraries secured the $260,000 for better connectivity and supplies.

Other winners include community councils, the Anchorage Service Patrol, legal services, senior centers and community centers.

Losers include public transportation.

Assembly member Patrick Flynn, who represents Downtown Anchorage made a plea for the Assembly to support his amendment keeping bus fares at 2013 levels.

“It’s not just that costs are going up. It’s also that there’s more demand for service. And you know I represent an interesting district,” Flynn said. “Half of it never uses the bus; half of it depends on the bus more than any other part of town and so I don’t do this to get votes.”

“I do this so that people can get to work and so that people can get home and take care of their kids and support their families.”

The assembly rejected Flynn’s amendment 8-3. It would have added $600,000 into the budget to maintain bus fares at current levels. Adult fares will go up to $2.00. Seniors fares and Anchor Rides will also go up.

The assembly also rejected funding for a homeless coordinator, among other things.

The Municipality’s Chief Financial Officer Lucinda Mahoney explains that reductions were made in another area to offset some of the cost of some of the amendments.

“All of the spending amendments total just over a million dollars,” Mahoney said. “And then Bill Star had an amendment related to property tax relief of $500,000 and this was essentially reducing a budget in another area. So there were budget increases of a million and then a budget decrease of $500,000 for a net increase of $516,000.”

The Assembly also approved a budget increase to help the financially struggling Anchorage School District by picking up the cost of police officers who work in the schools, but sources say it’s likely that Mayor Sullivan will veto the item. The Mayor has line item veto power which he may use within seven days.

The Mayor’s proposed budget would have increased property taxes by 2.7 percent. The Assembly’s amendments will increase property taxes by 3.4 percent.

The total budget is around $267,000. That’s still $1.4 million under the tax cap and several million dollars less than last year’s.