December Schedule Highlights

December Schedule Highlights

Alaska Public Media is proud to bring you the finest public television available. For December, we’ve got a few new programs as well as some favorite chestnuts.

Return to Downton Abbey

Catch up behind the scenes with your favorite characters and learn about new characters before the January premiere of Season 4.Sherlock-Iconic-2

Thursday, December 5 at 7pm. 

How Sherlock Changed The World

The fictional Sherlock Holmes was a scientist who used chemistry, bloodstains and minute traces of evidence to catch criminals. In an era when eyewitness reports and “smoking gun” evidence were needed to convict criminals, Sherlock Holmes’ crime-scene methods were revolutionary. Forensic scientists, crime historians and Sherlockian experts reveal for the first time the astonishing impact Arthur Conan Doyle’s creation had on the development of real-life criminal investigation and forensic techniques. With a mix of interviews, dramatic reconstruction and archives, the program tells the story of the impact and legacy of the most famous crime fighter in history.

Sunday, December 17 at 8pm

The Ends of the Earth

Explore the cload-cloaked landscape of Alaska’s wild peninsula where bears outnumber humans. This nature documentary takes us to some of the least visited places on the planet, including Katmai National Park.

Wednesday, December 4 at 7pm

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