Marijuana Initiative Sponsors Submit Petition To Division Of Elections

Sponsors of an initiative to legalize marijuana in Alaska turned in their petition Wednesday to the Lieutenant Governor’s office.

(Marie Richie/Flickr)
(Marie Richie/Flickr)

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Initiative sponsor Tim Hinterberger says over 45,000 Alaskans signed the petition. And he is confident it has the statewide support it needs.

“The success of the signature drive was based on Alaskan voters’ desire to end marijuana prohibition and we expect that momentum to carry through to Election Day in August,” he said.

Hinterberger says the initiative lays out a regulation plan similar to that of alcohol.

“The initiative will replace the failed policy of prohibition in Alaska with a system of regulated production, sales and it will provide for taxation of sales in a regulated environment of sales that will require consumers to present ID and show proof of age,” he said.

The initiative would require buyers to be at least 21 years old.

If the Division of Elections certifies the petition, the initiative will appear on the primary election ballot in August.

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