Y-K Delta Regional Committee to Develop Strategic Plan

The Y-K Delta Regional Committee has selected a small steering committee and charged them with drafting strategic plan for the YK-Delta. The 16-person panel is tasked with coming up with a strategic plan by the end of the year.

Robert Beans will be a co-chair of that steering committee.

“We need to develop a region-wide strategic plan that’s very comprehensive in that it takes up subsistence, economics, governance issues, and bring this to the region, work with an emphasis on bringing up the young people, our young generation,” Beans said. “Because they’re going to be taking over.”

Beans said the scope of the plan is still up in the air –there are no hard goals, timelines, or benchmarks at this point. On the committee, there are seats for each of Calista’s 11 administrative units, plus three non-profits and Calista leadership.

Elias Kelly is a member of the Pilot Station Traditional Council and the steering committee.

“Now the next step is what’s next, and that’s where this steering committee that they’ve created will be able to address that, what’s the next steps. They can hopefully come back and give us some sort of guidance, what to address,” Kelly said.

Kelly said the meeting has allowed for the sharing of common challenges, ideas, and ways to creatively solve problems.

“For me coming to an open meeting this this, it’s like I’m information-rich for what I can bring back to my community. For what can we use to help our community develop economically and especially how we can address our social issues,” Kelly said.

The meeting wrapped up Thursday afternoon after a hard look at ANCSA and tribal governance issues. After two days and an evening, the long-awaited committee finished its first order of business to make the steering group. Robert Beans says the meeting set a solid foundation for the group’s work going forward.

“In all the years the years I’ve been involved efforts with the politics within the region, I’ve never seen an effort like this before,” Beans said. “Never.”

The first ever-regional committee meeting featured over 130 attendees from all around the Y-K Delta.