Accuser Absent at Tosi APOC Hearing

Mao Tosi’s campaign for an East Anchorage Assembly seat was under scrutiny by Alaska Public Offices Commission Officials on Thursday. They held a hearing to address allegations of 15 violations filed in a complaint Tuesday.

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Mao Tosi.
Mao Tosi.

The 15-count complaint was filed Tuesday by John E. Lewis who requested expedited review. However Lewis withdrew his request for expedited review because of his unavailability to attend Thursday’s hearing telephonically or in person. Attorney Elizabeth Hickerson, Chair of the Commission, told Tosi they would try to resolve the matter as soon as possible.

“What we think is the best thing is for the staff to work with the complaintant and  the respondent and come up with procedures and timelines that will help us resolve this matter as quickly before the election as possible,” Hickerson said.

Tosi, a former NFL football player and activist who manages the Northway Mall and runs the non-profit, Alaska Pride Youth Programs, jumped into the race against sitting Assembly member Adam Trombley and candidate Pete Peterson at the last minute. Tosi sat with APOC staff directly after the hearing to begin resolving the allegations.

“With APOC officials, we’re going through each one to insure that we have taken care of these and once we finish these then I think we’re okay,” Tosi said. “You know, I just want to get finished with this so I can get back on the campaign trail.”

Allegations in the complaint include making campaign expenditures before filing for office, not properly identifying that political ads, like bumper stickers, were paid for by his campaign and using his position at the Northway Mall to benefit his campaign, among other things.